E34 – Lucus Landers

The discussion starts off with a question about the features you would want on a single camera you might have on the desert island with a camera-supplies mini-mart.

This episode’s guest is Lucus Landers, a Brooklyn-based photographer and camera-maker. We learn about how gaffer’s tape bellows on a home-built 4X5 stem from growing up in the great state of Oklahoma. The gaffer’s tape is a recurring theme…

George Daniels writes books about watchmaking that helped Lucus understand the building of gears for a film transport mechanism:



Gear profiles are discussed (cycloidal gear profile and involute gear profile) as Graham’s brain starts to enter a state of bafflement.

Build quality vs. engineering quality is highlighted.

Lucus’s next project is revealed late in the show.

Lucus Landers’ work can be found at LucusLanders.com and on Instagram @cropped_camera

He mentions the instagram account The Daily Mini (@dailymini).

The YouTube channel that features the tear-down of Retinas (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBNcopU34d_pGsKTvRzHcsg)

Lucus mentions Penumbra Foundation and their work in the photographic world (https://www.penumbrafoundation.org/)

You can find Lucus at http://lucuslanders.com and on instagram @cropped_camera. His Youtube Videos can be found under cropped_camera.

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