E29 The Homunculus

In this episode, Nick and Graham welcome back Ethan Moses from Cameradactyl to talk about his new camera, the Homunculus (don’t worry, we talk about why it has that name). This camera actually got its start on a previous episode of the podcast where Nick pestered Ethan to develop a camera based on Mamiya Press lenses and a 2X3 Graflok back (same as the RB67 back). Well, this is the result.

Most of the show directly relates to that subject but they also talk a bit about travel photography (Graham is just back from a 2-week vacation in North Carolina), a new 135 panoramic camera Ethan is working on for a friend of his and traipsing through the New England winter on a motorcycle and sidecar. 

Graham talks about Ball Photo in Asheville (http://www.ballphotosupply.com/index.html  Seriously, they’re way better than their website). Go there. Make a pilgrimage. 

Also of note: We’re using a new system for recording shows. It is a bit rougher than what we were using before but it reduces a 4-5 hour editing job down to 1 hour. Bear with us, pleas

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  1. Hello there!

    Great podcast! So much good information – I almost wish that it was a video podcast, though, as you could show your creations and sketches. On the other hand, audio is more convenient.

    I have a question for which I couldn’t find the answer yet: What’s the diameter and the flange distance of the the Mamiya Press bayonet? Maybe you could even provide a Fusion 360 file of the bayonet?

    And one more question: How do you construct a user-friendly film transport mechanism for 135 cameras? E.g. something like the usual lever that forwards the film a specific amount (e.g. 38mm for a normal 36mm wide frame or 74mm for a 72mm panorama frame) and then stops. Mechanics are easy … when you know how it’s done …

    Keep up this superb podcast!

    Best regards

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