E58 The Mongoose

In this episode Ethan shows the guys his latest Kickstarter project and walks them through the design process from start to finish.
You can check out the Kickstarter for the final product here:
Check out the Youtube Video here:

E57 Graham Burnett of Graflexparts

In this episode the boys talk to Graham Burnett of Graflexparts.com. Graham is an excellent repairman and modifier of graflex cameras and other antique but still in use classics. Graham might just make the best replacement graflex shutter curtains out there, and we talk about it and look into some of his resto-mods.

You can check out some of Graham’s work at:


facebook.com/graflexparts instagram.com/graflex_parts


https://www.facebook.com/groups/302854613591250 graflexarts@gmail.com

E55 – Sam Trachsel – 16×20 camera and direct color positives

In this Episode of the Homemade Camera Podcast, the guys talk to Sam Trachsel of Ars-Imago about his homemade 16×20 camera that he has been using to shoot direct color positives.


The Homemade Camera Podcast: https://www.homemadecamera.com

The Homemade Camera Podcast Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2282531432013144/

This is Sam Trachsel’s blog post about the camera on Ars-Imago’s blog:


Sam’s Instagram:


Joe Van Cleave’s videos on the process:

CAMERADACTYL’s video about the process:

E54 John Aldred of DIYPhotography.net

In this episode the guys talk to John Aldred of DIYPhotography.net and youtube fame.  John is one of those analog (and not so analog) industry figures that Ethan fealt like he should get to know, but he never expected the breadth and depth of Johns knowledge and stories about venomous snakes.  (Hint: there’s a great one after the end music).

John writes about trends, products and techniques in the photo and video industry and about technology in general, and is a rare tech writer who will cover smaller and more niche products.  It’s a little bit of a different perspective than our usual camera-building guests, which was a good thing.  John has a deep love of tinkering and it really shows.

Check out Johns writing on www.DIYPhotography.net

and check out his youtube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/johnaldred

E53 Nicks Baby Speed – First Video Episode – Watch on Youtube

In this episode Nick shows Graham and Ethan the camera he has built from a baby speed graphic.  

This is our first episode experimenting with recording video.  The video is low quality webcam footage and screen shares, but we thought it might be a good starting point to show what we are talking to eachother about.  If you are listening on a computer, we recommend watching the episode on Youtube instead.  

This is the link: 


E52 Graham Hufton AKA Chickenthumbs

This episode features a conversation with Graham Hufton, otherwise known as Chicken Thumbs (https://www.instagram.com/chickenthumbs/) a Canadian living in Manhattan. We learn about his career in Industrial Design, including office furniture, museum exhibits, deodorant, and other things you will find in Target. 

We talk about “gendered” design and how different visual cues are as much a result of the manufacturing process as with the target demographic. 

Graham mentions the book Master Shipwright’s Secrets:  https://www.amazon.com/Warship-Tyger-shipwrights-secrets-Restoration/dp/1472838386

E51 Graham, Nick and Ethan Catch Up

In this episode, Graham, Nick and Ethan catch up on some of their projects.  They talk about the new Raspberry Pi Camera and digital camera possibilities; Nicks progress on his 8×10; his experience with the Universal Speed camera, and with the Kracken.  

The gang talks about the next issue of the Homemade Camera Zine, and ways to make photographic images without a camera

Gunpowder prints/hybrid gunpowder prints: http://christophercolville.com/

Camera Lucida: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugv0XhUd2l4

Dave Allen:  https://davidsallen.com/portfolio-items/pretty-photos/

Flaver D Miro-2C Camera : https://www.flickr.com/photos/17202358@N00/49898532846/

E46 Matt Bechberger

This week the gang talks to Matt Bechberger, longtime listener and contributor of some excellent cameras to the first Homemade Camera Podcast Zine!  Matt is launching a new kickstarter campaign for Reveni labs, making a shoe mounted light meter.  Check out the project here:

E45 – Thanks

In this episode the boys talk about their photographic mentors; how many shots in a roll are good, and if that matters; a chicken parade, whatever that is; future builds and what they’ve been up to this past week, including laser camera triggers; SWAT team device programming, making 3D printed pens, Drawing, and of course, camerabuilding.

Also, on a whim, Ethan made a Zine, check it out here: https://www.cameradactyl.com/buttergrip/camerastickers


Photographic Cameras and Accessories by Paul Hasluck ed.