E46 Matt Bechberger

This week the gang talks to Matt Bechberger, longtime listener and contributor of some excellent cameras to the first Homemade Camera Podcast Zine!  Matt is launching a new kickstarter campaign for Reveni labs, making a shoe mounted light meter.  Check out the project here:

E45 – Thanks

In this episode the boys talk about their photographic mentors; how many shots in a roll are good, and if that matters; a chicken parade, whatever that is; future builds and what they’ve been up to this past week, including laser camera triggers; SWAT team device programming, making 3D printed pens, Drawing, and of course, camerabuilding.

Also, on a whim, Ethan made a Zine, check it out here: https://www.cameradactyl.com/buttergrip/camerastickers


Photographic Cameras and Accessories by Paul Hasluck ed.

E41 Panoramic Business

The guys start off talking about the process of designing any project and then launch into a discussion about the panoramic aspect ratio and the ways to shoot them. Ethan’s Brancopan (back it now on Kickstarter [https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/416154634/the-cameradactyl-brancopan]) and Graham’s 6Twelve are discussed. 

They further discuss business models for getting designs out to the world.

Ethan needs a contact at Kodak, so if you know someone, drop him a line.

Nick talks a bit about methods of creating self-developing camera systems including a coffee cart that also is a camera.

Graham is giving away the alpha version of the 6Twelve and Holga masks. Go to homemadecamera.com/giveaway

Book: The Inventor and the Tycoon by Edward Ball (https://www.amazon.com/Inventor-Tycoon-Murderer-Muybridge-Entrepreneur/dp/0767929403)

Lori Brooks:https://www.instagram.com/fashionistalori/

Brendan Barry: https://brendanbarry.co.uk/

Dave Walker: https://www.instagram.com/davethewalker80/

E40 Brendan Barry

In this Episode Graham and Ethan talk to a man who needs no introduction, Brendan Barry, superstar camera maker.  Brendan makes cameras out of Fruit and vegetables, shipping containers, trailers (or caravans for those listeners in the UK), blocks of cheese, and even a skyscraper.  He may make the worlds most whimsical cameras.  He is an inspiration to us, and will be to you too.  

Unless you still have a carphone in a briefcase, you’ve probably seen Brendan’s work before, but just in case, here are some links to his most excellent and inspiring work:

E39 Daniel Keating

In this episode we talk to Daniel Keating about topics wide ranging from homemade cameras and films to bartering with the soviets over photochemistry.  Daniel is an amazing resource of photographic and photochemical knowledge, and he gives a freight train of an interview that we suppose only scratches the surface of what he knows and has to share.  This is a great one to listen to with a pad and paper, or google opened in your browser.

You can find Daniel on facebook, https://www.facebook.com/daniel.keating.tucson and if you’re lucky, you can catch him on the homemade camera podcast facebook group!

E38 In Which The Afghan Box Camera Challenge is Extended

This week we extend the afghan box camera and talk about developments towards that project.  We talk about the RA-4 Color reversal process more in depth, and its potential inside an ‘instant’ camera.  Ethan talks about involving Joe Van Cleave in the process.

Ethan talks about trying a Kickstarter to sell the plans for his next camera to a group of people and then giving them away free to the world.


Johnny and Perry’s discussion on presentation of images. (https://www.classiclensespodcast.com/e/93-listeners-emails-eventually/) Whole roll conceptPreview YouTube video Large format COLOR POLAROID ALTERNATIVE. Direct Positive RA-4 Reversal Prints. ft. Joe Van Cleave


Large format COLOR POLAROID ALTERNATIVE. Direct Positive RA-4 Reversal Prints. ft. Joe Van Cleave Joe’s Video on the process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ry6ycSgT8g8&t=6s

E37 What?

We’re a little all over the place in this episode.

We start off talking about the Sagrada Familia and the forms and techniques

Ethan gives an update on the printed zine and then launches into a travelogue of his trip to Spain.

Nico’s Photo News: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkcuvqBAZPgTJ9evx9wkzvA

Joaquin runs Opensx70.com

Ethan talks about what it was like to shoot the Homunculus and the Panorama every day.

Graham talks about his trip to North Carolina and why Bass is analogous to Saturation.

Nick talks about the Sunny 16 Podcast’s (sunny16podcast.com) Day Into Night challenge. Graham comes up with an idea of how to troll Graeme. Ethan talks about his Day Into Night camera.

They also talk about the challenge to produce self-developing cameras. Graham suggests our listeners give a listen to the The Lensless Podcast (https://anchor.fm/thelenslesspodcast) Episode 75 with Evil Chutney who talks about his self-developing camera.

Nick talks about his upcoming trip and the concept of what to take pictures of. He asks Ethan about what lenses are the best to use on the Homunculus.

Shoutouts Badru Jones and David Allen

E34 – Lucus Landers

The discussion starts off with a question about the features you would want on a single camera you might have on the desert island with a camera-supplies mini-mart.

This episode’s guest is Lucus Landers, a Brooklyn-based photographer and camera-maker. We learn about how gaffer’s tape bellows on a home-built 4X5 stem from growing up in the great state of Oklahoma. The gaffer’s tape is a recurring theme…

George Daniels writes books about watchmaking that helped Lucus understand the building of gears for a film transport mechanism:



Gear profiles are discussed (cycloidal gear profile and involute gear profile) as Graham’s brain starts to enter a state of bafflement.

Build quality vs. engineering quality is highlighted.

Lucus’s next project is revealed late in the show.

Lucus Landers’ work can be found at LucusLanders.com and on Instagram @cropped_camera

He mentions the instagram account The Daily Mini (@dailymini).

The YouTube channel that features the tear-down of Retinas (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBNcopU34d_pGsKTvRzHcsg)

Lucus mentions Penumbra Foundation and their work in the photographic world (https://www.penumbrafoundation.org/)

You can find Lucus at http://lucuslanders.com and on instagram @cropped_camera. His Youtube Videos can be found under cropped_camera.

E33 – Heather Oelklaus

The print version of the Homemade Camera Zine No. 1 is now available for preorder at https://www.cameradactyl.com/homemadecamerapodcast/homemade-camera-zine-no1 . Orders will end on Sept. 22nd, and Zines will ship by October 7th.  There’s a bit of trouble with Squarespace, where if you are in the US/Canada, order as normal, but for UK/EU customers, there’s a $0 where the entire price of the zine and shipping is rolled into the shipping cost ~$23 -$24.


We start off with a conversation about what size of image is the right size of image, given a lack of “standard” sizes that are available today.

We then introduce our guest, Heather Oelklaus, (http://www.camerakarma.com) and talk for a while about her Super-Duper-Uber-Ultra-Large Format Camera, Little Miss Sunshine (https://youtu.be/wsLPJjnq-XY).

Also, Heather builds lots of less-gigantic, but no less beautiful and amazing pinhole cameras, some of which can be seen here: 


During the rambling conversation, we hit on drawing and how it can make you a better photographer, drawing and how it can make you a better camera maker, the reaction of students to the process, how crazy ideas are the best ideas and other really cool stuff. You gotta listen. Seriously, listen.

Photography in a black hole is contemplated as a bit of a bonus.

We discuss the progress we have made or not made toward the self-developing camera challenge.

And we talk about police shields. Yes, seriously.

We got so caught up this time that we forgot to bring up Heather’s excellent anaglyphic work, which Graham and Ethan have special love for.  We’ll have to beg her to come on again to talk about it, but for now, you can see some of her amazing 3D pics at: http://camerakarma.com/#!/2/featured/Anaglyph/196

Heather’s shoutouts: PalominoPinhole.blogspot.com
Jean Steiner, the weaver.