E33 – Heather Oelklaus

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We start off with a conversation about what size of image is the right size of image, given a lack of “standard” sizes that are available today.

We then introduce our guest, Heather Oelklaus, (http://www.camerakarma.com) and talk for a while about her Super-Duper-Uber-Ultra-Large Format Camera, Little Miss Sunshine (https://youtu.be/wsLPJjnq-XY).

Also, Heather builds lots of less-gigantic, but no less beautiful and amazing pinhole cameras, some of which can be seen here: 


During the rambling conversation, we hit on drawing and how it can make you a better photographer, drawing and how it can make you a better camera maker, the reaction of students to the process, how crazy ideas are the best ideas and other really cool stuff. You gotta listen. Seriously, listen.

Photography in a black hole is contemplated as a bit of a bonus.

We discuss the progress we have made or not made toward the self-developing camera challenge.

And we talk about police shields. Yes, seriously.

We got so caught up this time that we forgot to bring up Heather’s excellent anaglyphic work, which Graham and Ethan have special love for.  We’ll have to beg her to come on again to talk about it, but for now, you can see some of her amazing 3D pics at: http://camerakarma.com/#!/2/featured/Anaglyph/196

Heather’s shoutouts: PalominoPinhole.blogspot.com
Jean Steiner, the weaver.

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