E48 Giveaway Drawing

We start out with a variation on the Desert Island Camera question, a Quarantine Island camera and morph that into talking about cameras we can build with junk you have hanging around the house. Hint: Kites, Rockets, Coconuts, Plasti-Dip and Hardie Board. 

Then, we use the Google Random Number Generator to give away several sets of Holga Masks and an early Kraken 612 development model. 

Through the end of April you can get 15% off a Kraken 612 using the code RELEASETHEKRAKEN15 at my Etsy Store. 


You can see all about the Kraken 612 at http://frozenphoton.com/

We move on to a discussion about what we’ve been doing in life and in cameras:

Nick: Hiding out at home and finishing up some regular work. Finding half-done projects. 8X10 camera build.

Ethan:  Crowd-sourced Ventilators.  Formed (joined?) small International group of 8-12 people to work on non-digital ventilators for people who may need lower-tech ventilators that get around the need for expensive and possibly hard to source digital components.  After starting with valves. In one week produced 2 working prototype, ready for testing. This ventilator uses mechanical/pneumatic controllers instead of digital ones. The key is a 4-way diverter valve, allowing a degree of analog logic control of the airflow.  Working on patent language (not for patent, but for clarity of communicating the concepts and design). Online source of projects. Ethan’s team, openventilator.io . . . , is now ranked 5 and may go to number one by the time you hear this.  


Graham: LIFE: Teaching online. Different. No commute time to get my head ready. Routine is good. Most students seem to be taking to the format. Starting up a DND game. 

Cameras: To get my mojo back, I took out a Bronica EC-TL for the first time in a long time. The Kraken is on sale. Changed the license. Shot my 4 X 10 but haven’t developed yet. 

Nick talks about long sticks in the time before drones.

Thanks Robbie! https://soundtrapstudios.com/Sound_trap_studios/Home.html