E32 Crazy Ideas

Nick and Ethan do a small update on the self developing camera challenge, their plans, and some tests Ethan has been running to perfect a reversal process to be used in a number of self developing options that he is prototyping for the challenge.  Ethan gets way into the weeds about the reversal process and trials and tribulations with his experiments.

Here’s a pic that Heather Oelklaus (http://www.camerakarma.com/#!/HOME) sent us, without seeing Nicks sketch from last time

E31 Afghan Box Cameras

This week the gang talk about cameras that are their own dark rooms. They’re not quite instant cameras but they can produce a final positive image in about ten minutes. Some call them Afghan Street Cameras, Kamra E Faoree, Cuban Polaroids or any number of different names but they all amount to about the same thing: Pure fun for the homemakers of cameras. Hey, maybe we should use that as our new name. 

Here are some links to videos about the cameras: 


They also talk a bit about direct positive reversal process:

Joe Van Cleave https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PFQXaDdl60

Don Froula https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50YgsRDYjL0

Finally, they issued a challenge to the listeners to produce a camera that self-develops images (film or paper).

Bonus! Here’s evidence of Nick’s clear insanity. A Wearable Amphibious Autonomous Photo Lab: