E15 Pinholes and Hammers

E15 Pinholes and Hammers

Graham talks about sliding down the fidelity curve (11:30) and why he likes film that has been boiling in a Bulgarian warehouse for 20 years than good fresh film for taking pictures with pinhole cameras. He also talks about the commonalities between early computer-generated animation (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tN1A2mVnrOM) and the pinhole camera (27:30).

They start talking about the physical principles and qualities that go into a pinhole for a pinhole camera (31:15). Pinhole size is very important and they talk about that pinhole size and how to calculate the right size for the focal length and film size using the calculator on MrPinhole.com website (33:30).

Sources of laser-drilled pinholes:

Fireseller66 on eBay: https://www.ebay.com.sg/sch/fireseller66/m.html

James Guerin (Reality So Subtle): https://aupremierplan.fr/

Now that the pinhole has been taken care of, they begin a discussion of the body that will transport the film and keep the dark in (53:50) including oatmeal containers, matchboxes, Harry’s Razors boxes, and paperboard. Plus, they discuss what paperboard is!

Graham moves his Scamera project off of the back burner and into the sink (1:25:30) and Nick talks about his Big Build. He also talked about selling a camera design through an Etsy shop (1:32:50) with details to be released via Instagram (@grahamhomemadecamera) and Flickr (FreezerOfPhotons).

Shoutouts this week to Lucus Landers (@cropped_camera on Instagram and http://lucuslanders.com/) who is using cast and machined metals to build homemade rangefinder cameras. Also noted is a new podcast called WTF What the Film !? (https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/anchor-podcasts/wtf-what-the-film) hosted by a mysterious unnamed voice.

The makers of the Pin-Blad are Light Leaks Lab (look them up on Facebook).

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