Homemade Camera Zine Submission Form

As a fundraiser for the podcast, we have decided to create a zine that will be distributed electronically for a small cost through Etsy.com. If you would like to participate in that fundraising effort, submit using the form below. We will accept submissions through the end of June 2019 with the aim of having the zine ready-to-go by August 2019.

Come on, give it a name if you haven’t already, names are cool
If you lost a finger, keep it to yourself. Literally; have it sewn back on. Please. Maybe you should wear gloves when out in public.
Go more in depth than “it’s easy” or “it’s a royal pain in the a**.”


The submission (below) is separate from the form (above) because we are too cheap to pay for the file upload addon to the free forms plugin. Yes, it’s a pain, we know that. Nothing good ever comes easy.

You must submit the form AND the images. Before you upload, name your file YourNameCameraNameSerialNo.jpg (example: GrahamYoung24Squared003.jpg).

Submit at least two pictures of the camera. You can submit more but two is the minimum. You wouldn’t want to be known for doing the minimum, would you?

Submit at least one picture taken with the camera. Again, how many pieces of flair do you think is the right number?

Upload files